CDN Surprise: Fancy Results / Slummin’ Cost

What Full-Page Caching Delivered

Over the past 10 years participating in the colossal effort needed expertise, and extreme expense required to implement, manage, and optimize full-page caching solutions wasn’t very attractive for smaller sites to consider. Well, maybe we should just introduce you to our new best friend Cloudflare. Over the past 7 days 92.65% of all content to our site was delivered by Cloudflare … and for $0. 

Why You Need This Solution

  • Cheap: $0 per month seems affordable to our team.
  • Fast: We’re still running tests to document our performance improvement, but it’s already evident that we’re enjoying a 3x faster site.
  • Global: If we needed a global presence, the server presence provided by Cloudflare delivers.
  • Redundancy: Since all content is being cached, our entire presence is mirrored on multiple servers.
  • Security: We like our full-page caching configuration because our site is almost bulletproof.
  • Efficiency: It only took minutes to create 2-page rules and verify the cache.



WTF?: It’s come to our attention that the top 3 website hosting providers of small business websites won’t allow Cloudflare integration from a DNS level of integration … which only begs only one question … “What are you afraid of?”

It’s only our opinion that this level of “stiff-arm” represents the following:

1) a wimpy attempt to monetize their chosen CDN provider …

2) an attempt to hide their woeful inadequacy regarding concatenation

3) an attempt to hide their woeful inadequacy regarding minification

4) something sexier, that’ll make our attorneys get “jiggy wit it”